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Famous Nicknames - Quiz Questions & Answers

  1. Who were “fathers” of the following?
    (a) History
    (b) Medicine
    (c) Science Fiction
  2. Whom do the following titles refer to?
    (a) the Iron Chancellor
    (b) the Man of Destiny
  3. Who were these famous stage personalities?
    (a) the Little Tramp
    (b) Divine Sarah
  4. Who was called the “Laughing Philosopher”?
  5. Who was the “Wizard o Menlo Park”?
  6. Who are these sportsmen?
    (a) The Ebony Express
    (b) The Black Pearl
  7. Who was known as the “First Lady of Laughter”?
  8. Name the personality referred to by
    (a) The Little Corporal
    (b) The Hero of Trafalgar
    (c) The Iron Duke
  9. Who was known as:
    (a) The Lady with the Lamp
    (b) Satchmo
    (c) The Bard of Avon
    (d) Lady bird
    (e) The Maid of Orleans
  10. These two great personalities were called the “father of the Nation” in
    (a) America and
    (b) India
  11. Which famous Essayist was known as Elia?
  12. To whom are the following titles attributed?
    (a) Bangabandhu
    (b) Frontier Gandhi
    (c) The Iron Butterfly
  13. By what name was T.E. Lawrence known?
  14. Adolf Hitler was known as “Der fuhrer”. What did the title mean?
  15. Who was known as “Stonewall” Jackson? Why was he called so?
  16. Only one English king has been nicknamed “The Great”. Who was he?
  17. Which British Minister was nicknamed “Dizzy”?
  18. Identify:
    (a) “Little Mo”
    (b) the “Louisville Lip”
  19. Who is referred to by
    (a) the Holy Pontiff
    (b) the Enlightened One
  20. What ware the real names of these American Presidents?
    (a) Abe
    (b) Teddy and
    (c) Ike

Answers to Famous Nicknames Quiz Questions

  1. (a) Herodotus (484-425 B.C.), Greek Historian
    (b) Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.), Greek Physician
  2. (a) Otto von Bismarck
    (b) Napoleon
    (c) Rasputin
  3. (a) Charlie Chaplin
    (b) Sarah Bernhardt
  4. Democritus
  5. Thomas Alva Edison, who produced over 1000 inventions
  6. (a) Jesse Owens
    (b) Pele
  7. Lucille Ball or Lucy, a most successful television comedienne in the popular “Lucy” serial
  8. (a) Napoleon Bonaparte
    (b) Horatio Nelson
    (c) The Duke of Wellington
  9. (a) Florence Nightingale
    (b) Louis Armstrong
    (c) William Shakespeare
    (d) Claudia Taylor Johnson (Wife of the U.S. President Lyndon Johnson)
    (e) Joan or Arc
  10. (a) George Washington
    (b) Mahatma Gandhi
  11. Charles Lamb
  12. (a) Sheikh Mujibur Rehman
    (b) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
    (c) Imelda Marcos
  13. Lawrence of Arabia
  14. The Leader
  15. A General in the American Civil War; from his firm stand at the Battle of Bull Run in 1861.
  16. Alfred
  17. Benjamin Disraeli
  18. (a) Maureen Connelly, the American tennis player
    (b) Mohammed Ali
  19. (a) The Pope
    (b) Gautama Buddha
  20. (a) Abraham Lincoln
    (b) Theodore Roosevelt
    (c) Dwight D. Eisenhower

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