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Types of Computer Women

Virus Woman
She installs in your apartment and play the boss. If you try to uninstall, you loose some stuff. If you don’t, you’ll loose everything.

Internet Woman
You have to pay to have access.

Server Woman
Always busy when you want her.

Windows Woman
You know that she have many bugs, but you can’t live without her.

Macintosh Woman
Attractive, almost perfect, costs more money, but not so compatible with others. Only 5% of men have the pleasure to get her.

PowerPoint Woman
She?s ideal for party presentations, business meals, etc.

Excel Woman
They said that she knows many things, but you have her only for basic things.

Word Woman
Always she waits you with surprises and there is nobody can understand her.

DOS Woman
Everybody has her once, but nobody wants her now.

Backup Woman
You think that she have enough, but when you want to try her, she’s missing something.

Scandisk Woman
We know that she’s good and willing to help you, but she really dosen’t know anything.

Screensaver Woman
Useful for nothing, but she amuse you.

Paintbrush Woman
She’s all makeup, but nothing in rest.

Harddisk Woman
She knows anything, all the time.

User Woman
She doesn?t make anything good and always ask you something.

E-mail Woman
From 10 sentences she talks, 9 are bullshit.

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