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General Knowledge Questions and Answers For Kids

These General Knowledge Quiz Questions with answers are creatively compiled to make your kids learn about the world around them. Answers to these general knowledge questions for kids are mentioned at the end of this post. General Knowledge... Read More

General Science Quiz - Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Here are some general science quiz questions along with answers to increase your general knowledge about science. General Science Quiz Questions Which instrument is used to measure pressure? Saccharimeter Ammeter Manometer Lactometer ... Read More

India Post Quiz Questions with Answers - General Knowledge Test

When was the first all India postage stamp issued? Where was the India's First General Post Office or GPO established? How many General Post offices or GPOs are there in a Postal Circle? Where is the World's Highest Post office located? Under... Read More

150 Questions for Business Quiz Competitions in India

A collection of 150 questions along with answers about business world of India for your general knowledge. India Business Quiz Questions K Malleswari, the lone medal winner for India in the millennium Olympics, and the first woman from India to... Read More

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

We have gathered some of the general knowledge questions and answers for you to test your knowledge. The list will be updated soon with more general knowledge question answers. These general knowledge quiz questions are fun and free for everyone... Read More

General Knowledge Facts - Increase Your GK with these facts

This General Knowledge Facts Quiz tests your basic general knowledge on a variety of topics, from general knowledge facts, science to history and more. These General Knowledge facts & questions are creatively compiled to make you learn about... Read More

Amazing Facts for General Knowledge

Collection of 90 amazing facts for general knowledge to increase your general knowledge. These general knowledge facts are fun and free. General Knowledge Facts 1. The word "queue" is the only word in the English language that is still pronounced the... Read More

IQ Test Questions with Answers - Brain Teasers & Puzzles

This IQ test comprises of a collection of puzzles, and the questions in this IQ test are interesting and will involve the reader while solving them. The puzzles are short in length but will force you to exercise your brain and use your ... Read More

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Exam - Question Paper Solved

This quiz will help you with Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Exam preparations. Railway Recruitment Board Examination - 2009 in India. You can use this sample exam for online coaching of RRB Exam. The recruitment process in the RRB exams is fully... Read More

Measurement Units of Land in Punjab and Haryana

The following are the basic measurements of land used in Punjab and Haryana in ascending order. one 'karam' = 5.5 feet one 'marla' = 9 square karams (272.25 square feet OR 30.25 square yards) one 'kanaal' = 20 marlas (5,445 square feet) one ... Read More

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