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Top 10 Google Search Tips and Tricks

This article contains a variety of Google Search Tricks which most of the people will find interesting and useful. Generate a Productive Search: The first thing you must do to generate a productive search is think. You need to think about what it... Read More

Google’s Simple Programming Language Released

Google has released a simple, BASIC-like programming language called Simple. However, while the original BASIC language implementation was created as an educational tool to teach programming, Simple is intended for developing Android applications. ... Read More

Google Voice Search - Speak to Search Technology by Google

If you are sick of typing search queries, there is a good news for you. Google has added voice search to its search home screen on Chrome browser. Although it was announced a few weeks back, I noticed it for the first time early this morning. Google... Read More

Google Display Breadcrumbs in Search Results

Google appears to be testing breadcrumbs in some search results, at least in some areas. If you are unfamiliar with the term breadcrumbs, it refers to the hierarchical display commonly used in site navigation. For example: Home Page > Products... Read More

Google Launches Photovine - New Photo Sharing Social Network

Google has started rolling out a new social-networking photo service, called Photovine. The service is not yet live. Google has restricted access to Photovine only by invitation with an opportunity to request an invitation on Photovine's website.... Read More

Google acquires reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA, another one of the internet's most innovative projects in now in Google's hands. Not only is reCAPTCHA an effective device for security against spam, it also manages to accomplish a mission, to convert a large volume of printed literature... Read More

Google Announces New Social Network - Google+

Google has announced its very own social network called Google+ i.e. Google Plus, in an attempt to target Facebook and gather share of the social network market. Google, which has been frustrated by a string of failed attempts to crack the social... Read More