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Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Processor

Chip giant Intel Corp on Tuesday launched its most advanced desktop processor 'Intel Core i7' in India. Intel Core i7 processors deliver an incredible breakthrough in quad-core performance and feature the latest innovations in processor technologies.

Intel Core i7 Processor The Intel Core i7 processor is the first member of a new family of Nehalem processor designs and is the most sophisticated ever built, with new technologies that boost performance on demand and maximise data throughput. The processor speeds video editing, immersive games and other popular internet and computer activities by up to 40 percent without increasing power consumption.

Broadly heralded by the computing industry as a technical marvel, the Intel Core i7 processor holds a new world record of 117 for the SPECint_base_rate 2006* benchmark test that measures the performance of a processor. This is the first time ever for any single processor to exceed a score of 100 points.

"Intel has delivered the fastest desktop processor on earth to the most demanding users on earth, the ones who are using their PCs for video, gaming and music," Intel's South Asia Marketing Director Prakash Bagri told reporters here. "When you couple what is Intel's biggest leap in chip design with other incredible innovations like Intel's solid state drives, the Core i7 processor has redefined the computer of tomorrow," he said.

Intel's unique Turbo Boost Technology accelerates performance to match a computer user's needs and workloads. The Core i7 also has the latest Intel power-saving technologies, allowing desktops to go into "sleep-states" formerly reserved for Intel-based notebooks. Designed with Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology, the processor allows multiple computing threads to run simultaneously, effectively enabling it to do two things at once. As a result, the Core i7 quad-core processor delivers 8-threaded performance. The Intel Core i7 processor offers unrivaled performance for immersive 3D games over 40 percent faster than previous Intel high performance processors.

The Extreme Edition of Intel Core i7 processor uses 8 threads to run games with advanced artificial intelligence and physics to make games act and feel real. The Core i7 processor is the first member of the Intel Nehalem microarchitecture family; server and mobile product versions will be in production later, the company said.

Product Information (Intel Core i7 Processor)

  • 3.20 GHz core speed
  • 8 processing threads with Intel HT technology
  • 8 MB of Intel Smart Cache
  • 3 Channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory

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