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Passwords management can be easy

Do you have a key chain? Most people do and for a good reason. Key chain lets people have all of their keys in one place, which is very convenient. Storing each key separately is not something most people would call smart. When it comes to keeping passwords and login names, however, people dont exercise their common sense. Meanwhile, there is an entire class of software called password keepers or password managers that work for password just like a key chain for keys.

An average Internet user has at least half a dozen of passwords to remember - e-mail, ICQ, MSN Messenger, bank accounts, PayPal, eBay, dial-up. Remembering all of them is not that easy. So people try to keep using the same password for all websites (which does not always work, since different websites have different cha racter length requirements). Others try storing all their passwords in one text document, which is not safe. But smart people just get password managers. And they are very happy. First, all the passwords are in one place, stored safely and securely (good password managers use encryption algorithms certified by the US Department of Defense), and all these people have to remember is a single password for the password manager software. Plus, the password manager software most often comes with own password generator and supports multiple accounts. This means that when there is a need come up with a new password, they dont have to ?brain-storm?. One click and a strong password is generated. (Strong password is a term encryption specialist use for a password that is difficult or impossible to pick). The multiple accounts feature works great, because it lets users to divide passwords into several categories (web passwords, financial data, document protection passwords, etc.). Plus, several users can utilize the same application without compromising security. In addition, modern password managers are not just simple password keepers ? they can store just about any type of data, credit card and bank account numbers, for example.

So, if you could use some help with storing your passwords, you should try one of the many password manager utilities available on the Internet.

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