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Google’s Simple Programming Language Released

Google has released a simple, BASIC-like programming language called Simple. However, while the original BASIC language implementation was created as an educational tool to teach programming, Simple is intended for developing Android applications.

"Bringing an easy to learn and use language to the mobile world and the Android platform is the goal of the Simple project." - Herbert Czymontek.

According to Google, Simple programs are form definitions (which contain components) and code (which contains the program logic). The interaction between the components and the program logic happens through events triggered by the components. The program logic consists of event handlers which contain code reacting to the events.

Here is part of the Simple Tetris-like game source code in Google’s SIMPLE programming language.
’ -------------------------------------------------------
’ Analyze keyboard input
’ -------------------------------------------------------

Event Tetris.Keyboard(keycode As Integer)

  If keycode = Component.KEYCODE_BACK Then Finish()

  If IsGameActive() Then

    Select keycode

    Case Component.KEYCODE_PAD_LEFT


    Case Component.KEYCODE_PAD_RIGHT


    Case Component.KEYCODE_PAD_UP


    Case Component.KEYCODE_PAD_DOWN


    Case Component.KEYCODE_PAD_CENTER, Component.KEYCODE_SPACE


    End Select

  End If

End Event

Simple is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The source code for the implementation is freely available, along with sample applications.

Note: Simple is still a work in progress.

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