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How to connect two computers in Windows XP?

Here are the steps to connect two computers in Windows XP. This will let you share files and folders, printers, play network games, etc... Connect the two computers together either with a Crossover cable or a Hub/Switch to the ethernet card in your... Read More

Networking Concepts - Computer Networks

1. What are the two types of transmission technology available? Broadcast and point-to-point 2. What is subnet? A generic term for section of a large networks usually separated by a bridge or router. 3. Difference between the communication... Read More

What is LiFi? LiFi Vs Wifi - What is the difference?

A new technology called LiFi (Light Fidelity) has been introduced which can provide a blazing speed 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. What is Lifi ? Li-Fi is a wireless technology similar to Wi-Fi which allows data to be sent at high speeds by the use... Read More

How To Change Your IP Address in 20 Seconds

The following is a guide on how to change your IP address in 20 seconds or less. This can be used if your IP address has been banned from a game server, or on gunbound if your IP address gets blocked. I've tried this on both Windows XP and Windows... Read More

Japan working to replace the Internet

Japanese communications minister Yoshihide Suga said Friday that Japan will start research and development on technology for a new generation of network that would replace the Internet, eyeing bringing the technology into commercial use in 2020.... Read More