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How to search Rapidshare files using Google?

Rapidshare is the biggest file encyclopedia on the web. It is ranked among the world’s top 20 most visited sites by Alexa. With 100 gigabit/s of internet connectivity, it claims to be one of the biggest and fastest file hosting services world wide. Rapidshare allows you to upload any type of file from software, to music videos to audio music, games, eBooks and archives.

Searching Rapidshare Files Using Google

Though Rapidshare is a totally free service, which doesn’t charge its users for uploading or hosting a file on the web, the anonymity of files is still the biggest issue for Rapidshare users. Users cannot search the big great database directly using any search feature to get the content that they are looking for. Here we take the help of Google’s magnificent search capabilities. Softpedia has published a great article on how to use Google to search any type of file within Rapidshare.

Using Google Hidden Operators

Here is a list of great hidden Google operators introduced by Softpedia which can be efficiently used to search files on rapidshare:

Here is what you need to write in Google to search for multimedia content related to your favorite sports car "Ferrari" "ferrari"

Like wise to search for music, videos and archives you can use the following code:







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