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WOW ! What a Search Engine

Get Ms. Dewey to search the Internet, and provide a little attitude to your day.

Miss Dewey

Have a look at a next generation interactive search engine. A new search engine site called Ms. Dewey features a cute woman who keeps you stick to the website and give interactive comments related to the keywords that are typed in the seach box. The search engine is programmed purely in flash and the search results appear as a long, scrolling list in a window that pops up on the upper right.

Set against a futuristic cityscape background, Ms. Dewey with her hair pulled back probably represents a digital-age librarian. Her name refers to the Dewey Decimal classification system used for cataloging books in libraries.

She turns obnoxious when the user isn’t typing in keywords, though, saying things like "Helloooo, type something here," while pointing to the search box, and tapping the "glass" screen and asking "Anyone there?" She also pretends to lasso the user and reel him or her in. But most of the time she stands around alternating between looking bored or being coquettish.

Check Out the Search Engine at

  1. Yep, it takes a while to load the website search interface. The search results are retrieved from MSN Live Search.

  2. errr, who can wait that long for results, perhaps the search capability can be improved... Where are the results received from ?

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