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Google Takes Down Skype and Facetime with DUO Video App

Google launches ’Duo’, a new video calling app that lets you connect to friends just like you do it through Facetime.

Google bought in a revolution with its new video app and is giving tough competition to Apple’s Facetime, Microsoft’s Skype and Facebook’s Messenger app. According to the reports that we have read until now, the DUO app shows no significance difference but having a special ’Knock, knock’ feature that lets you see who is calling and you can easily opt to cancel the call.

Google DUO

The new app was announced in May and is being released today as a free service for phones running on Google Android system as well as Apple iPhones.

Just like Facetime, Duo only requires the phone number of the person to make a call, unlike many other apps that use a login id and a password to connect. Though we were already blessed with Hangout from Google but now that Duo is here, Hangout will specifically be for Business meetings.

You definitely need no log in details, just the contact number to connect. The ’knock, knock’ feature is the highlight that lets you decide if you want to accept the call with a video. Apart from these, the app gives you a blessing to watch your family and friends while talking.

Let’s not forget Google Hangout, which will only be for Business meetings from now on. Allo, Duo. Bye, bye, Hangout.

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