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How to read the CID Number from an SD Card?

If you are looking to read the CID number of an SD Card or to extract the CID number off an SD Card, you can only do this with specific hardware. You cannot read the CID through a computer's SD Card socket.

All GPS devices and most phones will lock software to the CID number of a SD or MicroSD card. The CID number is a unique string of digits that are unique to that one card, itself. CID number is valuable since software and hardware developers lock their software to the unique number of the device eliminating ability to pass along licensed software.

How to read CID number from a SD Card?

It is not an easy task and requires specific hardware and sometimes also requires specific vendor commands.

What is the CID number of an SD Card?

It is 16 bytes long and contains a unique card identification number. The CID number is a compilation of information about the card manufacturer, date manufactured, checksum and total size.

CID Number Fields

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