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10 Benefits Of Laughter

Laughter dissolves tension, stress, anxiety, irritation, anger, grief, and depression. Like crying, laughter lowers inhibitions, allowing the release of pent-up emotions. After a hearty bout of laughter, you will experience a sense of well-being.... Read More

Japanese Green Tea - Health Benefits

Japanese Green tea is known as a drink which has many benefits for your health. Dr. Oguni, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences in University of Shizuoka, Hamamatsu College, Japan discusses the healthy benefits of green tea in his site, Green... Read More

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has increasingly become a very popular drink worldwide because of its immensely powerful health benefits. It is extraordinarily amazing what green tea can do for your health and if you're not drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea today, you... Read More

Ebola Virus Disease - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

There is currently an Ebola outbreak putting all of us at risk. Everyone in the world today is at risk. Please help educate all around you by sending this message to all your contacts.   What is EBOLA Virus Disease (EVD)?   It's a virus that... Read More

Glands of the Human Body

Organs of the human body, which manufacture some liquid products, which are secreted from the cells, are called glands. There are two types of glands in the human body. Types of Glands in the Human Body Ducted Glands: Ducted glands, also called... Read More

Health Time - 7 Things not to do after a Meal

7 Things not to do after a meal Don’t smoke - An experiment from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after a meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes (chances of cancer are higher). Don’t eat fruits immediately - Immediately... Read More

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