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Hair Transplant - Procedure, Cost and Video

Have you ever heard of a hair transplant procedure? In this article, This article will help you understand the results of a hair transplant, what to expect, and the types of procedures. We will cover various questions asked about a hair transplant procedure, related costs, and a video showing how this procedure is done.

What is a hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplant is an outpatient procedure that uses micrografting technology to donate your own hair follicles to other areas of your scalp that are thinning. The procedure is also time-consuming and does involve a healing and recovery process.

Types of procedures

There are two types of “modern” hair transplantation procedures that are currently performed.

  1. The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) type of procedure transplants a strip of your own hair follicles, taken from your scalp at the back of your head, to areas of your hair that are thinning or bald.
  2. A Follicular Unit Extraction (FEU) uses small punctures to transplant follicles from all over your head to areas where your hair is thinning or bald.

Common Questions about Hair Translplant

Who are the typical candidates for a hair transplant procedure?

People who have already experienced significant thinning of the hair on their scalp are the typical candidates for a hair transplant.

How long does it take to heal from a hair transplant procedure?

After your hair follicles are grafted into areas where your hair is thinning, it takes some time for your skin to heal. In fact, it’s normal for some of your hair to fall out for the first three months after the procedure. Healing can take somewhere between 6 to 12 months. But once the healing process is complete, the transplanted follicles begin to grow hair that will fill out the bald patches on your scalp. This is hair that will continue to grow naturally as you get older.

Is a hair transplant permanent?

The results of a hair transplant are visibly long-lasting and are considered to be permanent.

Hair Transplant Procedure Video


Hair transplants are a treatment option for hair that is visibly thinning. The results of a hair transplant are considered permanent because you cannot undo them. However, that doesn’t mean that the way your hair transplant looks after it heals is the way that it will look for the rest of your life.

Finding an experienced provider who understands how to create a natural-looking, sustainable hair transplant design is essential to be pleased with your results.

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