Medical Discoveries and Important Vaccines

Medical Discoveries

Discovery Made by Country Year
Antibiotic (Penicillin) Alexander Fleming Scotland 1928
Antiseptic Joseph Lister Scotland 1867
Aspirin Dr. Felix Hoffmann Germany 1899
Blood Circulation William Harvey Britain 1628
Blood Group K. Landsteiner Austria 1900-1902
Blood Transfusion Jean-Baptiste Denys France 1625
Cholera and TB Germs Robert Koch Germany 1883
Diphtheria Germs Klebs & Loffler Germany 1883-84
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Willem Einthoven Dutch 1903
Heart Lung Machine John Heysham Gibbon USA 1953
Hypodermic Syringe Alexander Wood Britain 1853
Heart Transplant Christiaan Barnard South Africa 1967
Kidney Machine W.J. Kolff Netherlands 1944
Malaria Germs A. Laveran France 1880
Organ Transplant John P. Merrill USA 1953
Scan (CAT) Godfrey Hounsfield England 1973
Sphygmomanometer Scipione Riva-Rocci Italy 1896
Stethoscope Rene Laennec France 1819
Thermometer (Clinical) Sir Thomas Allbutt England 1867
Ultrasound Ian Donald Ireland 1950
X-ray W.Roentgen Germany 1895

Important Vaccines

Vaccine Developed by Country Year
Smallpox Edward Jenner England 1796
Cholera Louis Pasteur France 1880
Diphtheria and Tetanus
Emil Adolf Von Behring
& Shibasaburo kitasato
TB Vaccine Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin France 1922
Polio Vaccine Jonas E. Salk USA 1952
Oral Polio Vaccine Albert Bruce Sabin USA 1955
Measles Vaccine
John F. Enders
& Thomas Peeble
USA 1953
Rabies Vaccine Louis Pasteur France 1885
Typhus Vaccine Charles Nicolle France 1909

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