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Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is the alternative branch of medicine. In the literal sense, it means "Treatment through Fragrance!" Aromatherapy is the modern name for very ancient knowledge of healing and improving overall well-being using fragrant natural plant extracts. These plant extracts are called "Aromatherapy Oils" and can be extracted from the herbs, plants, flowers, fruits, bark, roots, or the resin of some trees. These magical extracts from plants can amazingly affect our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual beings. The essential properties of aromatherapy oils provide relaxation to the body and mind, soothe and heal the same, from various diseases.

Aromatherapy is becoming a rage these days. The pleasurable experience has become a part of today’s lifestyle for every person. The best part about it is that more than one person can bathe in the aromatic and effective experience at a time. This branch extends way back to ancient times and the cultures of India and other developed civilizations. On similar lines, aromatherapy in contemporary scenarios is coming up as an extensive global phenomenon.

Aromatherapy has been around for 6000 years or more. Traditional Indian medicine - Ayurveda, has been practiced for more than 3000 years. One of its main aspects incorporates aromatic massage. Aromatherapy has also been used for many centuries in India. Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India, uses dried and fresh herbs, as well as aromatic massage as important aspects of treatment. The use of therapeutic oils was spread throughout Asia and North Africa in ancient times, with India giving us a rich tradition of strongly perfumed oil such as sandalwood and patchouli. The Chinese are thought to be one of the first cultures to use aromatic plants for good health.

Later, the Egyptians invented the fundamental distillation machine that allowed for the crude extraction of cedarwood oil. Even in Greece, the use of aromatherapy was widely practiced in those days. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, started its usage, as he used aromatherapy baths and fragranced massage. He practiced fumigations for both aromatic and medicinal benefits. The Roman Empire continued the knowledge of aromatherapy, built upon the knowledge of the Egyptians and Greeks.

During the earlier part of the 20th century, a French chemist by the name of Rene-Maurice Gattefoss became involved in the use of essential oils for their therapeutic use. The other highly respected 20th-century aroma therapists include Jean Valnet, Madam Marguerite Maury, and Robert B. Tisserand. The modern era of aromatherapy dawned in 1930 when the French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefoss coined the term aromatherapy for the therapeutic use of essential oils.

From the late 20th century onwards into the 21st century, there is a growing resurgence to utilize more natural products including essential oils for therapeutic, cosmetic, and aromatic benefits. The use of essential oils never ceased, but the scientific revolution minimized the popularity and use of essential oils in one’s everyday life. Today’s heightened awareness regarding the use of synthetics coupled with the increased availability of aromatherapy information within books and the Internet has refueled the use of essential oils for therapeutic, cosmetic, fragrant, and spiritual use.

But throughout recent history, there have been recorded instances of therapeutic healing oils being used to treat many complaints successfully, and today, aromatherapy has become an international industry. The modern multi-billion dollar aromatherapy industry has spawned a wealth of aromatherapy products, such as essential oils, creams, candles, soaps, air fresheners, and fragrance infused papers, textiles, and novelties.

Aromatherapy oils have such widespread applications along with the natural benefit of good fragrance that they can be incorporated in every sphere of our daily life. The therapeutic properties of essential oils can benefit all the family members in one go. One can create an ideal atmosphere at home by using Aromatherapy Products like Room Fresheners & Vaporizers, Pot Pourri & Wood Fires. Apart from these, many other products can also be made from essential oils to clean the environments as disinfectants.

Even the healing power of Aromatherapy during Pregnancy is extremely helpful. Aromatherapy benefits can help to lessen uncomfortable problems, such as nausea (morning sickness), swollen hands and feet, general aches and pains, and fatigue. They can also help in relaxing and looking after the body as it slowly goes through changes. But do remember to consult your doctor if you are even slightly unsure of your health.

Aromatherapy for Children can also prove very beneficial through massages. Though massage is the most common form of giving aromatherapy treatment to the child, there are many ways of giving aromatherapy treatment as well. Aromatherapy can be used for young babies while their baby baths and also as remedies for childhood diseases. Thus, there are many situations where aromatherapy for such young babies can work.

Elevating our moods by aroma oils and curing the diseases are the obvious preferences with Essential oils. But there is one more application in which Aromatherapy is gaining more and more popularity. Today, millions of beauty parlors across the world are employing aroma oils in their beauty treatments including Aromatherapy Massages. These beauty treatments cover the beautification of women from head to toe. Thus, Body Care with Aromatherapy includes the entire body care including Aromatherapy Baths. The treatment can be as easy as taking a bath with aroma oils, where one can relax and rejuvenate at the same time.

Then we have the Face Care with Aromatherapy , that provides relief to all the possible facial problems. And lastly, there is also Skin Care by Aromatherapy, which, takes proper care of your skin and pampers it naturally. Such Aroma oils can be employed to treat skin diseases and problems in a different manner for different types of skin. Not only that one can effectively fight wrinkles, cellulite, and acne while having other holistic cures at the same time. Different aroma oils with different recipes are given for dry, oily, combined, and mature skin.

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