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Vista enabled Mobile PC

If you find PDAs too fiddly but laptops too heavy, HTC has created the perfect solution for your mobile computing needs. The Shift is a portable PC no bigger than a couple of DVD cases, yet equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, 7-inch widescreen and... Read More

Nokia N810 Tablet - Review & Specifications

Nokia's new internet phone N810 is a successor to N800. It is called Nokia N810 Tablet and it is a mobile phone cum entertainment player as well as an Internet tablet. It has a 4.3-inch widescreen display, 2GB of internal memory, TI OMAP 2420... Read More

Pileus: The Internet Umbrella

Pileus is an umbrella connected to the Internet to make walking in rainy days fun. Pileus has a large screen on the top surface, a built-in camera, a motion sensor, GPS, and a digital compass, and it provides two main functions; A Social Photo... Read More

SUV Cam by Elmo Japan - SUV-Cam II

Here is a sneak preview of new SUV cam by Elmo Japan called the SUV-Cam II. It can record video in 704480, accepts cable length from 3 meter to 5 meter, as well as schedule recording and start them without being in your SUV. No word on the price and... Read More

SMS & Email Pen - Digital Fountain Pen

D:Scribe is a digital fountain pen that allows users to send SMS and email messages from paper. Just write out the message and circle the person?s name to send. This does away with a keypad and allows you to focus on communicating in a more personal... Read More

Seagate 6GB USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive

Seagete 6GB USB - Pocket Hard Drive The Seagate Pocket Hard Drive is a standard high-speed USB 2.0, bus-powered device. It provides a true "plug and play" connection that supports hot plugging so you can connect or disconnect the drive even when... Read More

USB Pen Microscope

USB Pen Microscope ia an amazing and easy to use handheld microscope. It is ideal for various applications such as science and engineering work and study, dematology (skin/scalp) exam, detailed repair, assembly and quality control (i.e. eletronics,... Read More

Accutire Digital Tire Gauge

One of the easiest ways to make your car more efficient and save gas is to ensure you tires are properly inflated. The Accutire is a digital pressure gauge that allows you to easily tell whether your tires need inflating. It features programmable... Read More

USB Digital Microscope

This Digital USB Microscope is a cool gadget for all the biology and computer geeks. I always wanted to have a microscope at home. However a microscope is somewhat expensive and too fragile for me so I never had one. Nowadays you can get a... Read More

Rumors of ’Google Phone’ launch

Specialised blogs are abuzz this week with rumors that Internet giant Google will soon launch the "Google Phone" or "GPhone," a cheap mobile phone equipped with Google's operating system. High-tech product specialist Engadget said a Google... Read More

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