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Flash Drive with Oxford English Dictionary

We all find that occasionally we are lost for words, it may be that we are working on a train or plane, somewhere away from the office, yet that report still needs to be completed and of course, there is no wireless internet available. I think we can all say that we have been there and it is painful.

Good news though, there is a solution that can help, a simple flash drive, we all have one now days and in fact life working between the office, home and on the road would be almost unbearable without having the extra back up of having the flash drive on the end of your key ring.

Flash Drive with Oxford Dictionary

Disgo has been making storage devices for some time now, but with a difference. The latest 2 GB flash drive from Disgo named the "Lite" now comes with the Concise Oxford English Dictionary pre-loaded and ready to go, so there is no more scratching around for that word that will make the report stand out, because you have the might of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary to back you up and get you out of the sticky predicament.

This remarkable little piece of kit is the first of this type of device to offer the Concise Oxford English Dictionary in this manner, it also contains games that will pass the time away and also teach you how to improve your spelling skills, making this an ideal gift for that busy person who needs to get things done fast and correctly.

Hi Speed USBThe price for this piece of kit is around $50, which considering the hidden value is a great price.

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