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Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Bluetooth Watches

Sony Ericsson announced three new Bluetooth Watches on June 14, 2007. The Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 Music Edition is finished in black with orange details; the Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 Executive Edition features a professional-looking stainless steel bracelet and the Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 Classic Edition sports a premium leather strap and black face. Created together with Fossil, the new range of Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Bluetooth watches brings together contemporary design and cutting edge Bluetooth technology.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch

All three timepieces in the MBW-150 range have a scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass face with an antiglare coating. When not using them to control a phone they look exactly like a regular watch, thanks to a discreet OLED display that’s only seen when in use. What’s more, the addition of Bluetooth technology does not compromise time-keeping. A Quartz analog precision movement, plus a digital time display that’s synchronized with a phone, make sure that users stay on track.

When an incoming call or a text message arrives, the Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 gently vibrates on the wrist, so with a quick glance users can see the caller ID on the display. Lightly touch a button on the watch to decide whether to reject or mute the call, or take it by pressing the answer key on the headset, car handsfree or phone.

Consumers don’t need to have the phone in their hands to manage calls or music. Use the Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 as a music remote control whether the phone is on the other side of the room or if they’re using it to listen to your music via home speakers. View tracks, adjust the volume, change the tune or switch the music off, all from the watch and without getting out of a chair.

New features make life easier when controlling the phone through the wristwatch. Auto pairing connects the watch to the phone automatically the first time they are linked to each other so there is no set-up routine. For users who live their life looking for their phone, the Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 will help them keep track of it, since it gives out a vibrating signal when the phone goes out of range.

The Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 is compatible with a wide range of Sony Ericsson mobile phones including the new Sony Ericsson W580 Walkman phone which will be available this summer in North America. The Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 will be available in selected markets from 4th quarter of 2007.

The Bluetooth Watch MBW-150 range at a glance:

  • Analog Bluetooth Watch
  • Technically innovative with classic watch design
  • Stainless steel
  • Mineral crystal scratch resistant face with antiglare coating
  • Discreet yet clear OLED display
  • Quartz movements for exact time keeping
  • Strong wireless link to phone using Bluetooth 2.0
  • Time indicator - Analog, Digital from mobile phone
  • Discreet call handling
  • Caller ID in display
  • Reject/mute call through watch
  • Adjust volume
  • Music player control; Play, stop, next/previous track; Adjust volume
  • SMS/MMS message alert; Vibrates upon receiving an SMS/MMS
  • Out of range warning; Vibration alert at approximately 10 meters from phone
  • Auto pairing; Easy to set up
  • Water resistant - Up to 30 meters
  • Standby time: Bluetooth functionality up to 7 days; Analog time keeping up to 7 additional days time: bluetooth functionality up to 7 days; analog time keeping up to 7 additional days >
  • Weight - Music: 85 g; Classic: 77 g; Exec: 182 g - music: 85 g; classic: 77 g; exec: 182 g >
  1. I want to know the cost of the sony ericsson bluetooth watches mbw - 100 and mbw-150 music edition watches.

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