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USB Digital Microscope

USB Digital MicroscopeThis Digital USB Microscope is a cool gadget for all the biology and computer geeks. I always wanted to have a microscope at home. However a microscope is somewhat expensive and too fragile for me so I never had one. Nowadays you can get a microscope that would magnify up to 200 times and send the pictures directly to you computer’s monitor.

The USB microscope is a pretty cool gadget and it can take pictures of the smallest things and beings like microbes, cells etc. Remember those microscopes in the Biology Labs that can magnify up to 100 times. This one can switch from 20X to 50X to 200X.

It can take pictures of the objects that you are viewing and the resolution of the pictures can be 1024 x 768 pixels. Besides, it can take videos at 30 frames per second however I don’t think that the resolution would be that high. All the pictures and videos are sent directly to your computer via a USB cord. One other useful feature is that the microscope itself is detachable so you can take it off the stand if you want to get a close look to some big object.

There are 4 LED lights that are placed to illuminate the objects you are seeing. Bright light is crucial when you are looking at something trough a microscope. It is close to those professional microscopes that are used by forensics, jewelers. So if you want to be something like that it may be a good point to start from.

The good quality microscope will cost you a good amount of money. This one will cost you about $ 180.

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