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Suggestions to Remain Fit while on Vacations

Here are top 10 tips for the want to remain fit while they are on vacation. Opt for stairs Whether in hotels or higher-altitude destination like the Eiffel Tower, leave the elevators behind and climb stairs. Just 10 minutes of stair climbing can... Read More

7 Steps to Protect Yourself from the Winter Sun

What outdoor activities did you do this past summer? Maybe you went on a vacation to the beach. Maybe you spent some time playing your favorite sports such as baseball, golf, or tennis. Maybe you went swimming or had a barbeque in the backyard with... Read More

Dieting Tips

What is Dieting & What does it mean? Dieting, mainly it means trying to reduce excess of body weight. The only way to loose fat is by consuming fewer calories per day than your body needs. Insulin resistance is a major cause of excess weight ... Read More

Global Warming

Global warming is the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation. Global average air temperature near Earth's surface rose 0.74 0.18 C (1.3 0.32 F)... Read More

Body Weight Workout - Exercise with Video

This advanced workout exercise brought to you by and personal trainer Stephen Cabral is a total body tone up quick workout. Get tighter, flat abs to look summer sexy without the gym or equipment. Read More

Sugar-sweetened drinks & excess calories contribute to obesity

Marilynn Marchione of the Associated Press reports that new studies by two groups of researchers claim that consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks actually causes obesity. While it is widely agreed that soda contributes to weight gain, labeling soda... Read More

Regular Health Mistakes

All of us make little health mistakes that cause damage to our bodies in the long run - simply because we are unaware we are doing something wrong. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by many of us. Common Health Mistakes 1. Crossing our... Read More

What is Good Massage?

Massage can be beneficial for many health conditions. The healing touch of massage can reduce heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels. It can also enhance immune function, boost levels of endorphins and serotonin - the body's natural... Read More

7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism, in layman's terms, is defined as the process of breaking down the food we eat to molecular levels and subsequent absorption of these as energy by the body. As you might have observed, the rate of metabolism is hogging a lot of the fitness... Read More

Yoga and Meditation - What is in it for me?

The practice of yoga and meditation has become increasingly popular in the past few years, but I am sure that there are many people who are still asking themselves, " What's in it for me?" So, if you have been wondering whether it would be... Read More

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