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Simple tips for a healthy body

Want to put more energy into your life? What with all the rush and stress of daily life nowadays, maybe the idea of having more "energy" sounds even more stressful. But look at it this way, Stress is really a negative type of energy, so the goal is to provide a more positive energy that keeps you alert and feeling vital. And I’d like to share with you some tips to help you feeling energized throughout your day.

Healthy Body

The most basic way to provide energy is to feed your body with the proper "fuel." First, don’t be tempted to skip a meal like breakfast or lunch because of lack of time. Be sure to include fruit with breakfast and for snacks or dessert, and vegetables with your lunch and dinner. And instead of multiple cups of coffee, go for water and herbal teas, or try green tea for a change. Of course, we all know that sugary, fatty foods are energy drainers. You may be "buzzing" for a while, but then comes the "crash."

If you are sitting for most of the day, at work, for example, take short breaks throughout the day by getting up and walking a bit to keeps your circulation going. Getting outdoors for a short walk is ideal. For those times when you can’t get away, I have two favorite simple exercises that are great pick-me-ups in terms of energy.

The first is based on traditional Chinese medicine and activates pressure points to increase your circulation. In this case, your ears! Using your fingers, rub your ears vigorously all over, for about a minute. Don’t be so rough that it hurts, but your ears will feel hot, which shows that your blood is circulating.

The second exercise comes from a yoga breathing technique called the Breath of Fire. Breathing shallowly can cause carbon dioxide to build up in your blood and make you drowsy. So this exercise will help flush out the carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen. Breathe through your nose and inhale deeply. Then exhale through your nose in 20 to 30 short, rapid bursts, drawing in your stomach muscles for each burst. You can repeat this three times. Just be sure to take several regular breaths between each cycle so you don’t get dizzy.

So, pick up the pace the healthy way, and energize yourself!

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