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7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism, in layman’s terms, is defined as the process of breaking down the food we eat to molecular levels and subsequent absorption of these as energy by the body. As you might have observed, the rate of metabolism is hogging a lot of the fitness space these days.

Diminishing energy levels, gradual weight gain, high blood pressure and fluctuating blood sugar levels are primarily caused by a low metabolic rate. While the efficiency of your body’s internal system is often linked to your genes; a person’s metabolic rate can be boosted by bringing about certain lifestyle changes.

Here are 7 definite ways to help boost your metabolism:

1. Adopt HIIT

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Travel. Intensifying your work-out routine (assuming you already have one) does push up your metabolism by a few notches. The body needs more energy to sustain the workout, which is why it burns more calories. If you are walking, start a jog; jogging? Start running; Running? Go for a few sprints. Push yourself to work harder and your body will follow suit.

2. Maintain muscle mass

Just in case you didn’t know, muscles burn more calories, even at rest, than any other type of body tissue. So start lifting and lifting heavy. As soon as you start gaining muscles, your metabolic rate will up its game automatically and your body will get a toned, meaner look.

3. Eat the right breakfast

The breakfast should be the heaviest meal of your day as this brings our metabolic fire to life. Load your breakfast plates with whole-grains, proteins, leafy greens, healthy fats and fruits to kick start your day. Surveys show that cultures familiar with a big breakfast are generally healthier than those who skip or have a light brunch.

4. Have your proteins

Foods enriched with proteins like lean meats, pulses, milk, lentils etc. should form a part of your everyday diet. These aid building lean muscle mass and more importantly, keeps your metabolism going as digestion of proteins take more time and energy. You will feel fuller for longer durations and your binging habit will die, as a result.

5. Drink Green tea

Benefits of drinking green tea are unparalleled. It supplies your body with antioxidants that reverse ageing and boosts your immunity. Catechin, a compound found in green tea goads metabolism up by inducing the body to break stored fat cells and release more energy. Drink a couple of cups of green tea every day for best results.

6. Spice it up

Spicy, hot foods boost your metabolic rate like no other. A compound, Capsaicin found in chilli peppers increases the rate at which you burn food significantly. So, go ahead and liven up your otherwise tame curry with a few more chillies.

7. Cut down on alcohol

Once you consume alcohol, your body tends to burn it off first and it takes a bit to do so. Meanwhile, the foods consumed along or after your drinks tend to go undigested and gets stored as fat cells in your body. Essentially your food-metabolism shuts down and you feel tired and hung-over.

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