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11 Ways To Sleep Better

Studies show that far too many of us are not sleeping well, and lack of good-quality sleep can lead to more than just feeling tired: everything from traffic accidents and poor work performance to crankiness, illness, and a less-than-attractive... Read More

Tips to Relieve Tension

Here's the next best thing to do. Fool your body into thinking you're feeling great. First, we're going to slowly ease that tension out of the body. Sit on a chair with legs crossed. Pretend that your ankle is a pen and use it to write the alphabet.... Read More

Flat Belly Exercises - The Simplest Way to a Flat Belly

Looking for the simplest way to a flat belly? Go for this creative 20-minute fat-blasting workout and you'll begin to see a toned tummy in just three weeks and drop up to two inches from your belly in just four weeks. These four crunch-free moves are... Read More

Suggestions to Remain Fit while on Vacations

Here are top 10 tips for the want to remain fit while they are on vacation. Opt for stairs Whether in hotels or higher-altitude destination like the Eiffel Tower, leave the elevators behind and climb stairs. Just 10 minutes of stair climbing can... Read More

Easy Weight Loss Program - Weight Loss Advice

With weight loss comes a lot of dedication and change of lifestyle. We can start with exercise, which is vital to all weight loss programs. A healthy body is the result of proper nutrition combined with a regular pattern of physical exercise. You... Read More

Essential Health Tips

"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything." - Arabian Proverb Move More Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body. Climb stairs if given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. Walk your dog;... Read More

Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

A glass of warm Lemon water as the very first thing in the morning has numerous health benefits. The way you start each day is incredibly important. Whether you are a mother, a coach, a writer, a small business owner or a yoga teacher, whatever you... Read More

Bones and Joints Diseases - Osteoarthritis

Most Americans, even those with chronic conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, can improve their health and quality of life with regular, moderate amounts of physical activity. As we get older, our bodies change. Muscle size and strength... Read More

Flat Dumbbell Chest Press Exercise

Dumbbell chest press exercise with video demonstration. Get a lot of muscles worked with one exercise. Works the chest, shoulders and triceps. Good for the upper body. Available in high definition version. Many people ask how to do a dumbbell chest... Read More

Dieting Tips

What is Dieting & What does it mean? Dieting, mainly it means trying to reduce excess of body weight. The only way to loose fat is by consuming fewer calories per day than your body needs. Insulin resistance is a major cause of excess weight ... Read More

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