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 Fixed Deposit

What are the different types of Fixed Deposits?

Banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies offer different kinds of Fixed Deposits, to suit the investment requirements of different customers. Here’s a list of the different fixed deposit types offered. Regular FD: Deposit your money for a fixed... Read More

Is interest on FD taxable?

Yes. The interest on fixed deposit is fully taxable except in case of '5-Year Tax Saving Fixed Deposit' scheme offered by financial institutions where the investment amount gets locked for 60 months and the interest rate is also lower as... Read More

What is TDS on Fixed Deposit?

Tax deducted at source (TDS) on FD can range from 0% to 30%, depending on your income tax bracket. If your interest earned is more than Rs.10,000 in a year, the TDS deducted is: 10% if your PAN details are provided 20% if your PAN details are not... Read More

Is FD a good investment?

With fixed interest rate and attractive returns, Fixed Deposits are one of the most preferred investment options for most investors. Invest in a Fixed Deposit to grow your savings, with high stability and safety of principal amount. As one of the... Read More

How to choose best fixed deposit scheme?

It is important to choose the right scheme for best fixed deposit rates, based on your requirement. You have the options to get your interest at the end of your maturity period, or opt for periodic payout options. In case you’d like to tend to... Read More