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Sony Rolly SEP-10BT Audio Player - Review & Video

The Sony Rolly SEP-10BT is a Sound Entertainment Player. It is a combination of a little robot, a little MP3 player and a little boombox. It plays MP3, ATRAC, or AAC tunes via Bluetooth with A2DP / AVRCP or the 1GB internal memory. Rolly is... Read More

What is SDDS sound format?

Sony Dynamic Digital Sound or SDDS is a theatrical cinema sound system developed by the Japanese multinational company Sony. In this format, digital sound information is recorded on both outer edges of 35mm film release prints. Altogether, the... Read More

Convert Audio Cassette to MP3 & CD

Do you have a collection of music tapes sitting in a box or stuck by your stereo? Can't play them in your new car or stereo? In addition, as time goes on, the audio quality of your tapes will degrade. You'll need to archive them soon before they... Read More

What is Dolby Digital and DTS in terms of digital sound?

Roughly speaking, Dolby Digital is the name of audio compression technologies developed by the Dolby Laboratories. To put it clearly, it is an advanced form of digital audio coding that enables storing and transmitting of high-quality digital sound,... Read More

58th Grammy Awards 2016 Winners

The 58th Grammy Awards 2016 were held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on February 15, 2016. The award is given to the best recordings, compositions and artists of the eligibility year. Here is the complete list of 58th Grammy Awards... Read More

What is dubbing in film making?

In filmmaking, the term dubbing refers to the process of adding dialogues and other sounds to the soundtrack of a motion picture that has already been shot. In other words, it is a post-production process through which a complete soundtrack is... Read More