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Hare Hare Baans Kata More Angna - Lyrics with Meaning

Hare Hare Baans Lyrics & Meaning

It's Amir Khusro's kalaam. A folk 'Shaadi Geet'. Excellent singing with brilliant music. The girl who is about to get married says to her father.

Here are the lyrics:

Hare hare baans kata more angana, Neeka madha chhawao re.

Father, get green bamboos cut, and get a pretty mandap made for me.

Parbat baans manga more babul - 2, Kaanu madha chhawao re.

Get the bamboos brought from the mountains, and use them to make the mandap.

Sagre nazoomi, jyotishi, babul, - 2 ... sabka bhej bulao re.

All the fortune-tellers, astrologers, Father; please invite them all.

Jaiso laadli bitiya re babul -2, vaisa hi kaaj rachao re.

How loved your daughter is; her wedding should be appropriate.

Madhe upar kalash biraje -2, Dekhen raja rao re.

The holy pot sits at the top of the mandap, even the king should see it.

Godhe haathi sona deena -2, babul dil dariyao re.

My father give away horses, elephants and gold like a river.

It was written by Hazrat Amir Khusro who is saying that he is in this world like a girl who is to be married off to Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Auliya and go to a distant spiritual land. Therefore his stay in this world is focused on preparing for that marriage and he wants to have the best spiritual beauty before he departs.

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