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Important Places in India - Historical Places in India (Part 2)

This article provides information on Important Historical Places in India along with detailed information about those important historical places of India. List of Important Historical Places in India from Alphabet E - K Eagle’s Nest: It is the... Read More

Difference between British and American English

Learn about the differences between American English and British English. This article will help you to know the commonly confused words in British and American English. A discussion of the differences between standard American and British... Read More

General Knowledge India Quiz - Questions & Answers

Here is a collection of quiz questions to test your general knowledge about India. These question-answers will not only help you increase your general knowledge, but also keep you updated with the knowledge of current events in India. This general... Read More

High Security License Number Plates For Vehicles in India

The Supreme Court of India has directed all States as well as Union Territories to implement the scheme of high security number plates for vehicles in India from April 30, 2012. Manufacturer firm "Shimnit Utsch" was formed with an objective of... Read More

Passwords management can be easy

Do you have a key chain? Most people do and for a good reason. Key chain lets people have all of their keys in one place, which is very convenient. Storing each key separately is not something most people would call smart. When it comes to keeping... Read More

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