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What is the difference between Customer Service and Technical Support?

Even though the terms Technical support and Customer support sound to be similar but their roles in helping customers vary. Customer support refers to the act of assisting consumers and can range from planning, installing, training, troubleshooting, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of a produce. Technical support is one type of customer support that provides users with help and advice about a product, usually hardware or software services. 

Both customer service and technical support are focused on the customer, but the approach for providing help varies. Business Dictionary defines customer support as “ Range of services provided to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product ,” while technical support is “ User-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems with electronic devices ”. Both customer service and technical support play an important role in delivering customer experience.

Technical Support

The term technical support refers to helping customers in aspects of technical side of your product in a friendly and cost-effective way whereas Customer support refers to helping customers by offering services that are cost saving and makes them use your product in a correct manner.

Technical support shows concerns on solving the technical incident or problems and focuses on resolving these quickly in a friendly and supportive way. The success of technical support is ultimate if the customer doesn’t approach again for help once the technical concern is resolved which means that good technical support fixes the technical issues immediately rather than recommending a different product.

  • The primary aim of technical support is to resolve technical problems, these may include defective products. Technical support should resolve issues as quickly as possible while still being friendly and supportive.
  • Focuses on improving the convergence between customer experience and the product.
  • Includes technical problem solving, troubleshooting, and finds new solutions and answers.

Customer Support

Customer support shows concerns on a different approach such as on the experience of the customer. The major role of Customer support comes into action in the SaaS and e-commerce companies. The customer support mainly focuses on leveraging the bond between customer experience and the product. The customer support looks majorly at the business relevant metrics data. Moreover, Customer support actions in a proactive manner in finding solutions for customer problems and promotes opportunities for scaling your business.

As customer gratification is of much significance, adding Customer support meticulously to the existing technical support could promote greater customer experience with your company.

  • Customer service takes a different approach. Customer service instead focuses on the customer’s experience. This means that customer service can also take a more proactive approach to support and initiate communication with customers. Customer service also doesn’t have to be technical in nature.
  • Focuses on efficient, helpful customer proceedings.
  • Helps customers to find existing answers and solutions.

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