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What are the various components of a knowledge base system?

A professional knowledge base system must comprise of the following components. These modules must be present in the knowledge base before you decide to procure it for deployment in your company.

  1. Articles
    • Article Submission
    • Article Approvals (Workflow)
    • Article Publishing
    • Article Tracking
    • Article Versions (Revisions)
    • Article Searching
    • Files Uploading
  2. Categories
    • Categories Creation
    • Public & Protected Categories
    • Categories Management
  3. Comments & Feedback
  4. Users
    • Staff Users (Admin Users)
    • Client Users (End Users)
    • Users Creation
    • User Roles (Workflow)
    • Users Management
  5. Groups
    • Groups Creation
    • Groups Management
  6. Statistics
    • Article Statistics
    • Categories Statistics
    • Search Statistics
    • Knowledge Base Usage Statistics
  7. Tools
    • Settings Management
    • Backup Facility

PHPKB knowledge base software contains all of the above-listed components and many more. You can refer to the complete list of the knowledge base software features available in PHPKB software.

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