Football Quiz (Part 3) contains question numbers 59 to 87 with answers. It is perfect for testing your football knowledge and organizing football quizzes.

59. When was football included in the Olympics?
Answer: 1908, London

60. Who won the Olympic gold in 1908?
Answer: U.K.

61. Which country won the Olympic football title at Seoul in 1988?
Answer: U.S.S.R. (Russia)

62. Who have been twice runners-up of football at the Olympics games in 1984 and 1988?
Answer: Brazil

63. Before the year 1937, a football was lighter than the one used subsequently. What is the weight difference?
Answer: Before 1937, 13-15 oz (368-425 gm). After 1937, 14-16 oz (397-454 gm)

64. Can you recall the air crash in Italy which killed all on board including the players of a champion football club? Give the year and the name of the club?
Answer: 1949, Torino, the Italian champion side

65. In 1958 another air crash killed eight top payers of a famous English football club. Which club?
Answer: Manchester United, at Munich

66. Tragedies resulting in spectator deaths are not uncommon in Football. Which was the first such tragedy which killed 25 in the U.K.
Answer: 1902, Ibrox Park, terrace collapse in a match between England and Scotland

67. Who was the first football player to play a century of International?
Answer: Billy Wright (England) played his 100th in 1959. He retired from the game after playing another 5 matches.

68. Which was the first team to do the double of winning both the League and the Cup in British Football?
Answer: Tottenham Hotspur in 1961

69. Who was the first footballer to be knighted?
Answer: Sir Stanley Matthews in 1965

70. Who was the first footballer involved in a 1 million pounds transfer?
Answer: Johan Cruyff from Ajax to Barcelona in 1973

71. When and where was the first World Youth Cup Football tournament held?
Answer: 1977, Tunisia

72. Which country won in the inaugural year of World Youth Cup Football tournament?
Answer: U.S.S.R. (Russia)

73. Where and when was the second World Youth Cup held?
Answer: 1979, Japan

74. Which country won the second World Youth Cup?
Answer: Argentina

75. Which soccer tragedy resulted in the banning of the English Clubs from European competitions?
Answer: 1985 at the Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium, where 39 died and 437 were injured as a result of rioting by supporters of Liverpool in the European Cup Final between Liverpool and Juventus.

76. In the mid-thirties Mohammedan Sporting won the Calcutta League 5 time in row. Which club bettered this record in 1970-76?
Answer: East Bengal

77. Gostho Pal was the captain of which club in Calcutta?
Answer: Mohun Bagan

78. Who captained Mohun Bagan when they won the I.F.A. Shield for the first time in 1911?
Answer: S. Bhaduri

79. Which Asian Games saw India win the Football Gold?
Answer: 1951 in New Delhi and 1962 in Jakarta

80. When did India first participate in Olympic Football?
Answer: 1948, London

81. What was India's best standing in Olympic Football?
Answer: 4th at Melbourne in 1956

82. Who was the first recipient of the Arjuna award for Football?
Answer: P.K. Banerjee in 1961

83. Who was the first footballer to get the Padma Shri?
Answer: Gostho Bihari Pal in 1962

84. When was the Asia Cup Football started?
Answer: 1956

85. What is its frequency, i.e., at what intervals is it held?
Answer: 4 years

86. Which Football tournament in India is the second oldest Football tournament in the world - next only to the F.A. Cup?
Answer: Durand Cup held at Delhi

87. Twice during the Asian Games Football Championships, the final having ended in goal-less draw, the two finalists were declared joint winners. When? Name the countries?
Answer: 1970, Burma and Korea; 1978, South Korea and North Korea