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Science and Technology Quiz - Questions & Answers

Are you looking for quiz questions and answers about science and technology? You've come at the right place. Check out this Science and Technology quiz and see if you can answer the following questions on science, technology and electronics? Play... Read More

Sports Authorities - Acronyms and Abbreviations

Here is a list of some important Acronyms and Abbreviation associated with different Sports Authorities. This information is very helpful for quiz competitions and competitive exams. Abbreviation Sports Authority AAAA... Read More

Ultimate Guide: What Is GPT-4?

What Is GPT-4? GPT-4, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4, is the fourth iteration of the GPT family of large language models developed by OpenAI. It is the successor of the GPT-3 model, which powers the viral AI chatbot ChatGPT. GPT-4,... Read More

Wonderful logos & The Logic behind them

Every logo tells a story. Let us take a look at some famous logos and the stories behind their inception. Logic Behind Wonderful Logos I am not sure how many of you have noticed a hidden symbol in the Federal Express logo. Yeah, I am talking about... Read More

The 4 C’s of a Diamond - Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat

The cost of a diamond is based on the characteristics known as the "4 C's". These 4 C's are also referred to as the Diamond Grading Terminology. Clarity, Colour and Cut (proportion) are the quality elements which together with the Carat Weight... Read More

Why Call Center Guys are paid so much?

People wonder why the the call centre guys are paid so much for just being on the phone. Take a look at some of the conversations between Technical Support executives and customers on phone. Case 1 Tech Support: "I need you to right-click on the... Read More

Get Knowledge Spread Knowledge - 104 General Knowledge Facts

Here is a collection of some general knowledge facts to help you improve your general knowledge. You are most welcome to share this article with your friends and collegues and help them increase their GK skills. General Knowledge Facts No. ... Read More

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