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Very Important for all Mobile Phone Users

This lady has changed her habit on the hand phone after her handbag was stolen. Her handbag which contained her mobile, credit card, purse etc. was stolen. 20 minutes later when she called her hubby, telling him what happened. Husband says: "I've... Read More

Chillies - Some Like it Hot

They can be red, green, orange or almost the brown colour of chocolate. They can be pointy, round, small, club-like, long, thin, globular or tapered. Their skins may be shiny, smooth or wrinkled and their walls may be thick or thin. You guessed it -... Read More

Ebola Virus Disease - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

There is currently an Ebola outbreak putting all of us at risk. Everyone in the world today is at risk. Please help educate all around you by sending this message to all your contacts.   What is EBOLA Virus Disease (EVD)?   It's a virus that... Read More

Avian Influenza - Avian Flu Fact Sheet

There are various types of influenza viruses. Avian influenza is caused by those influenza viruses e.g. H5N1, H9N2 that mainly affect birds and poultry, such as chickens or ducks. Since the virus does not commonly infect humans, there is little or no... Read More

Benq P50 - Undisputed king of the P series from BenQ

The BenQ P50 incorporates the latest WiFi technology into a PDA phone, giving you the benefits of the world's two most popular wireless networks-GSM/GPRS and WLAN. A WiFi-enabled PDA phone, the P50 lets you connect to high-speed WiFi networks, access... Read More

Mobile Phone Risk During Storms

Next time you find yourself talking on your mobile phone in the middle of a thunderstorm you may want to cut the conversation short. UK doctors have warned of the danger of lightning strikes when using mobile phones outdoors during stormy weather... Read More

Best Live Chat Support and Live Help Software for Your Web Site

Live Chat Software is the cost effective tool that helps you provide superior customer support service to sell your product online. With just the click of the mouse, your web site visitors contact your support team for live assistance through live... Read More

Eye Care Exercies - Recommended by an Eye Specialist Doctor

This information is sure to help the eyes of PC users very much. During a recent visit to an optician, one of my mail friends was told of an exercise for the eyes by a specialist doctor in the US that he termed as "20-20-20". It is a must do for all... Read More

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