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Best Live Chat Support and Live Help Software for Your Web Site

Live Chat Software is the cost effective tool that helps you provide superior customer support service to sell your product online. With just the click of the mouse, your web site visitors contact your support team for live assistance through live support chat system. Live chat support software is the answer to keeping your customers coming back to your site and purchasing your products again and again.

Best Live Chat Support Service Providers

Most of the popular live help support systems offer the following features in their software.

  1. Easy Install Chat Button
  2. Customizable Chat Button - use gallery images or create your own
  3. Instant Loading Chat Window - this is one of the quickest ones around
  4. Choice of Operator Clients - Operate totally online, or via your Windows desktop
  5. Multiple Web Site and Operator support (extra)
  6. Auto-Switch Chat Button - If you’re on a "call" your web site button will change status
  7. History Emails - You and your visitors can receive a copy of chat transcripts via email
  8. Customizable Popup Chat Window - match the look and feel of your site
  9. Standard Messages - have predefined answers to commonly asked questions
  10. Visitor Monitoring - be alerted to new visitors and monitor their movements
  11. Operator Initiated Chats
  12. An app for Android or iPhone
  1. Shine Live Help Software is another alternative to offer live chat based assistance to your website visitors and customers.

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