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Benq P50 - Undisputed king of the P series from BenQ

The BenQ P50 incorporates the latest WiFi technology into a PDA phone, giving you the benefits of the world’s two most popular wireless networks-GSM/GPRS and WLAN. A WiFi-enabled PDA phone, the P50 lets you connect to high-speed WiFi networks, access instant information from the Web, use your e-mail on the move and make free voice calls with Skype. With the BenQ P50, experience a hassle-free, accessible, cost-effective and more fulfilling mobile lifestyle that keeps you connected.

BenQ P50 PDA Mobile Phone

Perfectly Matched
The P50 deftly melds the convenience of a PDA’s large screen with the easy handling of a mobile phone, all in a muted black casing that is exquisitely textured for a sure grip.

Clean Design
The P50’s minimalist design conceals the antenna inside a smoothly contoured form that conveys a crisp, business-like sense of style.

Precision QWERTY Keyboard
The P50’s 39 keys include those most often used on a computer keyboard; each carefully tooled and laid out for quick, easy and accurate text input.

Versatile Input
The P50 integrates a five-way navigation key, handwriting input, virtual keyboard, memos with graphics, and digital audio recording to make it easy to enter information in the most convenient manner-for example, voice when your hands are occupied, or sketches when words alone will not do.

Built-in WiFi 802.11b
The P50 integrates the latest wireless networking technology, letting you experience the delights of a mobile lifestyle where information access is faster, cheaper, and more versatile. Freed from the constraints of cables, you can for the first time fully enjoy the advantages of digital technology.

E-mail anytime, anywhere
At an airport, or in a cafe? Whenever you’re in range of a WiFi hot spot, your mobile office is ready for you on your P50.

Have more fun with VoIP
By taking advantage of Skype or other VoIP client software on your P50, you can not only save greatly on long-distance charges, but you can also enjoy multi-party calls. The P50 is the best way to access the convenient communication alternatives made possible by the Internet.

MSN Messenger Online Chat
You can also use the P50 for MSN instant messaging. Whether you’re staying in touch with friends, a collaborator on a work project, or a key customer, the P50’s built-in MSN Messenger is the ideal facilitator.

Microsoft Windows Mobile?
With an intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn, the P50 makes it a snap to sync or back up your data, or install new software to expand its capabilities.

Personal Data Syncing
Using ActiveSync, you can sync data with Outlook on your PC-including personal data and files, contacts, calendar, e-mail inbox, and memos-so you can keep them handy wherever you go. You can also keep updated copies of text documents and presentations on your P50 as well, and leave your heavy laptop behind.

Document Browsing and Editing
The P50 allows you to view and edit Word and Excel files, keeping your mobile life productive. After installing PowerPoint Viewer and PDF Viewer, you can view PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents as well.

Portable Business Assistant
The P50 provides a wealth of built-in business tools, such as a calculator, world clock, and currency converter. You can also install multilingual dictionaries as a handy aid to language learning or as a quick reference on business trips abroad.

Flight Mode
On extended flights, the P50 is your best companion. Switch to flight mode to turn off the phone’s functionality while retaining access to the P50’s remaining capabilities, keeping yourself productive-or entertained-on those long plane rides.

Handy Speech Commander
The P50 makes mobile communications more intelligent with the latest speech command technology. Eliminating the
need for prerecorded audio files, the P50 lets you dial a contact’s number, launch an application, or open an e-mail or text message with simple speech commands-an advanced approach that will greatly increase the efficiency of your mobile communications.

Quad-band PDA Phone
(GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900)  
With the P50, you can roam the globe, never missing a call when you’re within the coverage of any GSM network.

Built-in Bluetooth & IrDA
Use the P50’s integrated Bluetooth connectivity to take advantage of hands-free headsets, car accessories, and GPS devices. And use either Bluetooth or IrDA to quickly send and receive files from other devices. With IrDA, you can perform data synchronization with a PC without any cumbersome cables.

Fast USB Syncing
Simply attach the P50 to a PC with a USB cable to quickly sync and back up key data such as schedules, contacts, e-mails, and documents. You can manage all personal information and documents effectively.

SDIO Support
With SDIO expansion support, the P50 lets you take advantage of compatible peripherals, such as GPS devices or FM radios, to add even more functionality to your P50 PDA phone.

SD/MMC Memory Card
With support for SD/MMC memory cards, the P50 lets you access all the application software, video clips, MP3, e-books, and Java games you need to make your mobile lifestyle as rich-and as entertaining-as it can be.

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