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Famous Nicknames - Quiz Questions & Answers

Who were “fathers” of the following? (a) History (b) Medicine (c) Science Fiction Whom do the following titles refer to? (a) the Iron Chancellor (b) the Man of Destiny Who were these famous stage personalities? ... Read More

Other Names - Quiz Questions & Answers

Which countries are called (a) the Cockpit of Europe (b) the Playground of Europe Which rivers are known as (a) China's sorrow (b) Bengal's sorrow Where would you find the “Never Never Land”? What name is given... Read More

Actual Names of Bollywood Actors - Real Names of Movie Stars

Do you want to know the actual names of popular actors of Bollywood? Have a look at the list below and know the actual name of your favorite Bollywood actor & actress. Real Names of Bollywood Movie Stars Aamir Khan - Aamir Hussain Khan ... Read More

HIV & AIDS - Symptoms and Transmission

AIDS is one of the most serious, deadly diseases in human history. More than 20 years ago, doctors in the United States identified the first cases of AIDS in San Francisco and New York. Now there are an estimated 42 million people living with HIV or... Read More

General Science Questions & Answers - Science Quiz

Some general science questions along with the answers are mentioned below. These general science questions & answers cover a wide variety of subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, space, earth, animals, the human body and more, so they... Read More

India General Knowledge Questions & Answers (Year 2010-2011)

This article contains a collection of 50  general knowledge questions and answers as well as a brief description of the current affairs in years 2010 and 2011. These are very helpful for the aspirants of Civil Services, Staff Selection... Read More

Basic Computer Terminology - Part 2 of 2

Programming Language A special language, such as COBOL or BASIC, in which a program is written so the computer can understand it Queue A line or group of items of tasks in a computer system awaiting service Random Access The part of the... Read More

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