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Enjoy Where You Are

There is nothing which is intrinsically enjoyable. What one person enjoys, another person will despise. Enjoyment comes from your attitude toward a particular situation, not the situation itself.

Too many people search in vain for enjoyable activities, enjoyable relationships, enjoyable environments, enjoyable entertainment. A much more successful strategy would be to stop searching and start enjoying.

The enjoyment is not in the activity. The enjoyment is in you. Wherever you are, whatever you?re doing, find a way to enjoy it. Sure, it?s great when you aspire to bigger and better things. But don?t fool yourself into thinking that they?ll come pre-packaged with their own enjoyment. That is up to you.

Perhaps you didn?t choose to be where you are, and it?s great that you?re committed to getting somewhere else. Yet while you?re here, accept it and enjoy it. Enjoying where you are right now will take you a long way toward wherever else you wish to go.

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