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Latest Nokia Mobile Phones

There was a time when Nokia was the world’s leading mobile phone supplier. It seems like Nokia is ready for a comeback in 2016. Recently, we spotted a very nice new Nokia Smartphone "Nokia 1008 WP8" aka Nokia Catwalk with 38MP Pureview Camera with twisting capability.

Latest Nokia Mobile Phones

The latest Nokia smartphone is called the Nokia Lumia 1008 (Nokia Catwalk) with a very catchy design and unique camera module. Nokia 1008 camera sports a 38MP Pureview sensor. What makes it special is that, this camera is a twisting barrel one that can go 360 degree and allow photos captured under any angle to have the same high quality. To make it even more interesting, the phone body is still kept very slim and elegant despite the significant camera module.

Nokia 1008 Smartphone

Nokia 1008 WP8 - 2GB RAM, 38MP Pureview Twisting Camera

Talking about Nokia 1008 specs, the phone will run on Windows 8 Blue OS. We really expect that it will have another Android variant to meet up with public demand. There will be a 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM and powered by Snapdragon 600 processor. Nokia 1008 display features a handy 4.5 Puremotion HD+ and will comes in a full alloy body to give it a premium feel on your hand. Another special feature is that, Nokia 1008 will have Double LED flash, one of which used as light notification.

Nokia 1008 Twist Camera

Nokia 1008 is designed by Edgar Mkrtchyan from "My Dream Nokia" network. He has also equipped his render phone with wireless charging and a back cover that is subjected to multiple designs simply customized by 3D printer. An interesting addition are light notification LEDs. Although Nokia 1008, or Nokia Catwalk is for now a concept design, we really hope this lovely handset will be picked and produced by the legend.

Nokia 1008 Price

Elegant in design, premium with the choice of top specs and an offer of unique features are exactly all that make Nokia 1008 (Nokia Catwalk) Smartphone a very desirable one for many users. If you like this one, let’s hope that Nokia will launch the Nokia 1008 soon, with an affordable Nokia 1008 Price. What do you think about the new Nokia 1008 Mobile?

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