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I do not have a Paypal account, how can I purchase PHPKB?

If you don’t have a paypal account because your country is not supported by Paypal then you need not to worry about buying a license of PHPKB knowledge base software as we can arrange for you a Manual payment via Bank Transfer, Western Union or other online Money Transfer services.

For more information regarding payment via these options, please contact us using the link below.

If you want to make a purchase using any of the options mentioned above, please contact our sales department with the following information:

  1. Your Real Name
  2. License type you wish to purchase
  3. Email Address & Website URL

One of our sales representatives will review your enquiry and email you a payment link. All the above mentioned orders are processed manually and can take up to 36 hours to clear.

  1. Thank you administrator for posting this article. I was getting crazy to buy phpkb but didn’t had a paypal account. I’m sending a request via your contact us page right now.

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