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Permissions & Rights assigned to each level of Admin User

Please refer to the chart below to know about premissions assigned to each type of Administrator account.

Permissions Superuser Editor Writer
Add New Category Yes Yes
Manage Categories Yes Yes
Create Protected Categories Protected Yes Yes
Add New Question Yes Yes Yes
Manage Questions Yes Yes
Approve Questions Yes Yes
Review Submitted Questions Yes Yes
Delete Questions Yes Yes
Save to Drafts Yes Yes Yes
Empty Trash (Purge) Yes
Restore Deleted Questions Yes
Manage Comments Yes Yes
Approve Comments Yes Yes
Add File Attachments Yes Yes Yes
Manage File Attachments Yes Yes
Create Glossary Terms Yes
Manage Glossary Yes
Create New User Account Yes
Manage Admin Users Yes
Manage Knowledgebase Settings Yes
View Knowledgebase Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Take Database Backup Yes

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