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Anti-Fraud Measures for PayPal Payments

Due to the increasingly fraudulent use of PayPal’s payment solution, two changes have been made which relate to the way in which we accept payments made via PayPal. Whilst these measures will not cause any harm to legitimate PayPal users, they will prevent fraudsters from abusing credit cards and PayPal accounts which do not belong to them.

The first is that we are no longer accepting payments from non-verified PayPal members. Being Verified means that the account holder has confirmed his/her identity with PayPal by following simple steps such as confirming your bank account or posession of a credit card.

The second is that PayPal payments must now be ’authorised’ by PayPal members themselves through an authorization code which is sent to them via email following the ’completion’ of a payment.

Non-Verified PayPal members who enjoy the speed and ease with which PayPal payments can be used are kindly requested to visit the PayPal website and have themselves ’verified’ as soon as possible. Furthermore, a dedicated section for PayPal has been added to the Knowledge Base and taking a few moments to read the following external sources may also be useful:

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