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How to include a web page in the content section of PHPKB?

Practical Case: Is there a way to include a Web page in the "Content" section when adding a new question (maybe with a PHP include)?  Otherwise, I would like to display a Web page when viewing a question in the knowledgebase.

Solution: Yes, It is possible to include another webpage inside the knowledgebase article. If you would like to display a webpage within the content then you can switch to the HTML coding mode inside the WYSIWYG Editor and add the code of an IFRAME in it manually with the URL of the webpage as ?SRC? attribute of IFRAME tag.

IFRAME is a cool HTML 4.0 tag for embedding another page inside your web page. Below is an example of how to add a webpage inside another page using IFRAME.

Have a look at the example code below to see how the above page was embedded inside this article.

More detailed information about IFRAME tag and its usage can be found at

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