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How to read mind by reading handwriting

  1. How would you say your letters slope
    1. Backward?
    2. Straight up and down?
    3. Forward?

Backward - indicates that you are shy and afraid to show your feelings, hesitant.

Straight Up And Down - indicates that you are a person with a strong need for contact.

Forward - Your answer to the first question, the slope of your letters, indicates that you are reticent and very self-controlled.

  1. Are the letters in your words
    1. Fully connected, with clear breaks between the words?
    2. Partially connected, depending on the letters?
    3. Unconnected, like printing?

Fully Connected - indicates that you are a social person who likes to talk and meet others.

Partially Connected - indicates that you are a shy, idealistic person who does not find it easy to have relationships, especially intimate ones.

Unconnected - indicates that you are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough.

  1. Between words, do you leave
    1. Wide spaces?
    2. Narrow spaces?
    3. No spaces - words are connected, pen doesn’t leave paper?

Wide Spaces - indicates that you are reserved, shy, cautious, and thoughtful.

Narrow Spaces - indicates that you are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!

No Spaces - indicates that you are not very reserved, impatient, self-confident and fond of action

  1. How close together are your lines of writing?
    1. Very far apart?
    2. Apart far enough that the letters do not touch?
    3. Close enough that the descenders (like y and g) of the top and the ascenders (like h and t) of the bottom overwrite each other?

Very Far Apart - indicates that you are isolated, detached, reserved, maybe even antisocial.

Apart Far Enough That Letters Do Not Touch - indicates that you are a person who is uneconomical and talkative.

Close Enough So That the Descendants of Y’s & G’s touch The Ascendants of H’s & T’s - indicates that you are a person with a well-organized mind.

  1. What color ink did you choose? (If you used another color, which of these three would you prefer?)
    1. Blue-black
    2. Red
    3. Light Blue

Blue Black - indicates that you are rational, conservative, a person who adheres to conventions and traditions.

Red - indicates that you are spiritual rather than material, perhaps religious, and may have a deep understanding of other people’s problems.

Light Blue - indicates that you are strong, vital, energetic, and affectionate - you like action and have an original approach.

  1. How large was your capitol I in the sample?
    1. Larger than the other capitol letters
    2. About the same size as the other capitol letters
    3. Smaller than the other capitol letters

Larger Than The Other Capital Letters - indicates that you are a person with a high opinion of yourself, or who wants others to think that you do.

About The Same Size - indicates that you are a person who may be feeling depressed or have low self-esteem.

Smaller Than Other Capitals - indicates that you are well adjusted, harmonious, a person content with your current role.

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