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General Knowledge Facts

Here is a collection of some general knowledge facts to help you increase your general knowledge (GK). These general knowledge facts include collection of GK facts from numerous fields such as literature, history, science, mathematics and culture. We... Read More

Indian Banking Quiz - Quiz Questions about Banks in India

Here are some banking quiz questions with answers to check your general knowledge about banks in India. 1. What was established in Kolkata on 1st April 1935 in accordance with the provision of an act of the same name passed in 1934? 2. The... Read More

Common Mobile Phone Myths - Top 10 Cell Phone Myths

Many of us often receive emails and SMS(es) outlining cellphone dos and don'ts. Have you ever tried to find out if any of these tips hold water in terms of scientific evidence and reasoning? Here we explore the truth behind several common mobile... Read More

Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 22 March 2014

World Water Day was observed on 22 March 2014 with the theme Water and Energy to raise awareness of the inter-linkages between water and energy. In 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) recommended to celebrate an... Read More

Current Affairs for Bank PO - 8 April 2014

Ram Navami, the birth of Lord Ram is being celebrated today with religious fervor and gaiety. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked banks to make credit card charges reasonable and directed them not to levy interest on card dues till the next... Read More

RBI Placement Papers - RBI Interview Questions and Answers

These questions are from the Reserve Bank of India Placement Papers for Grade B Officers. Similar type of questions are asked in SBI placement papers as well. Here is a collection of bank clerk exam questions based on money and marketing... Read More

Current Affairs for Bank PO - 2 April 2014

World Autism Awareness Day Observed on 2 April 2014. This was the 7th Autism day. Aim of this day is to create awareness and to raise funds. Election Commission allows RBI to issue new bank licences. The central board of directors of the RBI is... Read More

Demonetisation of High Denomination Notes in India

Demonetisation of currency is a radical monetary step in which a currency unit's status as a legal tender is declared invalid. This is usually done whenever there is a change of national currency, replacing the old unit with a new one. Such... Read More

Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 28 March 2014

Army Chief of Egypt, Al-Sisi resigned from the post to contest in presidential election. He also resigned as the Defence Minister of the Country. General Sedki Sobhi has sworn-in as the new Defence Minister and Army Chief of Egypt. He is the... Read More

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