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This information is very helpful for people that purchase an expensive luxury car. Many peoples dream of buying a luxury car and for those who own a luxury car, if there is any damage to their expensi

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According to DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Survey Results between 2006, the most popular choices have been tallied. Top 10 Car Colors in World Here are some interesting facts about t

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This information is sure to help the eyes of PC users very much. During a recent visit to an optician, one of my mail friends was told of an exercise for the eyes by a specialist doctor in the US that

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The cost of a diamond is based on the characteristics known as the "4 C's". These 4 C's are also referred to as the Diamond Grading Terminology. Clarity, Colour and Cut (proportion) are the qual

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All of us cleanse or wash the skin everyday, but how many are doing it the right way? If you were to look at the skin through a magnifying glass before it is cleansed, you will be surprised to find th

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Exfoliate For a fast, at-home body exfoliation, mix olive oil with sea salt or sugar. Smooth over skin in circular motions all over the body, avoiding the breast area. Rinse off in the shower and a

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Miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy before 24 weeks. It is against the will of a woman and cause a lot of grief and tears to her. Most of the miscarriages take place in the first 12 to 13 weeks. A

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Most of us think of Bill Gates as the richest man in the world followed - well that big position has now moved down south - from Microsoft to Mexico. This is enough to burst a few American egos. Am

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Question: What are the five thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart?Answer: These are the five important rules for anyone to take care of their heart. Diet - Less of carbohydrate, m

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Drinking more than one soda a day even if it's the sugar-free diet kind is associated with an increased incidence of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors linked to the development of diabe

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