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How to get best insurance policy for your expensive luxury car?

This information is very helpful for people that purchase an expensive luxury car. Many peoples dream of buying a luxury car and for those who own a luxury car, if there is any damage to their expensive car then, to repair you will need a lot of... Read More

Top 10 Car Colors in the World

According to DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Survey Results between 2006, the most popular choices have been tallied. Top 10 Car Colors in World Here are some interesting facts about the Popular Car Colors from all over the world. Luxury... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is the type of insurance to cover problems associated with traveling, generally including trip cancellation due to illness, lost luggage and other incidents. We are usually well-prepared when we travel, but whilst most of us take out... Read More

Health Insurance - Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I need health insurance? Everyone is exposed to various health risks. If you have not purchased any Health Insurance plan, you end up paying hefty medical bills in the event of hospitalization out of illness or injury from your own pocket.... Read More

Top 10 Insurance Companies in India

The insurance sector in India has undergone a number of phases since its inception in 1818. The insurance sector gained real momentum in the last decade when the Indian government allowed private insurance companies to furnish insurance products.... Read More

Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 13 March 2014

India Joined global search for Malaysian aircraft by deploying 3 warships. India had deployed 3 warships and 4 surveillance aircraft to search for Malaysian aircraft. Aircraft included in this search is Latest P-8I anti submarine warfare plane. ... Read More

Toyota Fortuner in India - Toyota Fortuner SUV in India

Toyota Kirloskar plans to launch its SUV, the Toyota Fortuner, in India by September 2009, at an estimated price of Rs. 20 lakhs. The Toyota Fortuner has been one of the most anticipated SUV launches in India. The Toyota Fortuner SUV is planned to be... Read More

Top 10 American Cities with Most Attractive People

Here is a list of the top 10 american cities that are known to have most good-looking, friendly and attractive people. 10 American Cities with Most Attractive People 1. Charleston This South Carolina city bumped off perennial winner Miami this... Read More

Business Quiz Questions - Corporate Quiz Questions & Answers

Question: Name the inventor of world's first safety elevator, whose name is synonymous with that category? Answer: Elisha Graves Otis Question: Which Indian pharmaceutical giant owned the Fortis Healthcare Limited? Answer: Ranbaxy Ltd Question:... Read More

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