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Filed Under: Pre Sales Questions | Viewed 11758 times

Practical Case: Is there a way to include a Web page in the "Content" section when adding a new question (maybe with a PHP include)?  Otherwise, I would like to display a Web page when viewin

Filed Under: Live Chat Services | Viewed 5692 times

Live Chat Software is the cost effective tool that helps you provide superior customer support service to sell your product online. With just the click of the mouse, your web site visitors contact

Filed Under: Internet and WWW | Viewed 6267 times

Web Analytics, another great service from Google, provides the best free website statistics available on the internet. Before using Google Analytics, I had used many stat programs such as statcounter

Filed Under: Internet and WWW | Viewed 6119 times

Here's a way of venting your anger at a website that really annoys you - spill a cup of coffee over it, well, at least virtually. The site, provides fed-u

Filed Under: Stock Photography | Viewed 8179 times

Stock photography is existing photography that can be used for print and web ads, in books and magazines, in news, on websites, in brochures and packaging, and in a large number of custom applications

Filed Under: School & College Studies | Viewed 19326 times

The internet has many useful education websites to help with lesson planning and teaching children to be Cyber-smart. Here is a collection of some of the very useful websites for teachers. Useful Web

Filed Under: Software | Viewed 5429 times

Google, the search engine giant has announced the release of their web browser called "Google Chrome" for Microsoft Windows Platform. According to Google, "Google Chrome is a browser that combines

Filed Under: Computers & Information Technology | Viewed 11923 times

Forbes recently released its annual list of 34 innovators who made their billions through the Internet. Incidentally, the 2008 list also includes three Indians: Indiabulls' Sameer Gehlaut, Party ga

Filed Under: SEO | Viewed 4905 times

Here is a collection of some popularly used terms in website optimization, SEO and web design industry. These are listed below in alphabetic order. If you feel there are more glossary terms to add, pl

Filed Under: Web Design & Development | Viewed 2849 times

bluePen Editor is a PHP-powered visual CSS editor that can be installed to any static or dynamic website and makes live CSS editing possible. It's a web application that allows you to edit your exi

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