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Can I see the Admin Section of the PHPKB Knowledge Base System?

Yes, You are most welcome to try the Administrator Section of the PHPKB Knowledge Base Software at the link below. Please use the following login details to access the Admin Section. There are 3 levels of Administrator... Read More

Help Desk Software Price Ranges

Most Help Desk software are priced per user/per month, and their price ranges can be broken into three tiers, starting from $4 to $20, $20 to $70, and then $70 to $150. However, the premium and enterprise plans from some vendors may cost more than... Read More

What is a SWIFT MT103 message?

What is an MT103? An MT103 is a standardized SWIFT payment message used specifically for cross-border/international wire transfers.  MT103 messages are globally accepted as proofs of payment and include all payment details such as date, amount,... Read More

What are Bonds and Debentures?

Bonds and debentures are two of the most popular debt investment alternatives available to investors. Debentures are convertible or non-convertible debt instruments issued by corporations, whereas bonds are certificates of debt issued by government... Read More

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