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Human Body in 24 Hours

In 24 hours, An average human: HEART beats 1,03,689 times. LUNGS respire 23,045 times. BLOOD flows 16,80,000 miles. NAILS grow 0.00007 inches. HAIR grows 0.01715 inches. Take 2.9 pounds WATER (including all liquids). Take 3.25... Read More

Balanced Human Diet - Information about Vitamins

Balanced Diet Balanced Diet is one, which contains all the necessary nutrients required for growth and maintenance of the human body in the right proportion. Normally a balanced diet: Should be able to provide about 3000 calories per day for a... Read More

Diseases of the Human Body

Deficiency Diseases Disease Deficiency of Symptoms Anemia Hemoglobin (Iron) General weakness and pale complexion Goiter Iodine Painful joint Beri-beri Vitamin B Weakness, swelling and pain in legs, loss of... Read More

India States - Capital, Area, Population & Principal Languages

This article contains the information about all states in India along with capital name and detailed statistics of each state. Statistics include geographical area (in square kilometres), population and principal spoken languages of each state.... Read More

What is Capital Gain?

When the sale price is more than the purchase price it is known as a capital gain. Capital is of two types first like Equity shares & stocks and the other is like real estate. Two types of capital gains are there one is for short term capital... Read More

World Countries - Country Capitals and Currency

A comprehensive list of countries, their capital cities, currency and embassy websites in alphabetic order to help increase your General Knowledge. The world comprises 183 sovereign countries and 20 non-sovereign, separately administered... Read More

150 Questions for Business Quiz Competitions in India

A collection of 150 questions along with answers about business world of India for your general knowledge. India Business Quiz Questions K Malleswari, the lone medal winner for India in the millennium Olympics, and the first woman from India to ever... Read More

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