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What is Dolby Digital and DTS in terms of digital sound?

Roughly speaking, Dolby Digital is the name of audio compression technologies developed by the Dolby Laboratories. To put it clearly, it is an advanced form of digital audio coding that enables storing and transmitting of high-quality digital sound,... Read More

What is SDDS sound format?

Sony Dynamic Digital Sound or SDDS is a theatrical cinema sound system developed by the Japanese multinational company Sony. In this format, digital sound information is recorded on both outer edges of 35mm film release prints. Altogether, the... Read More

What is meant by the term sound-on-film?

Sound-on-film is a class of sound film processes in which the sound that accompanies a picture is physically recorded onto a photographic film. It can either record an analog soundtrack for digital soundtrack and signal may be recorded optically, or... Read More

Accutire Digital Tire Gauge

One of the easiest ways to make your car more efficient and save gas is to ensure you tires are properly inflated. The Accutire is a digital pressure gauge that allows you to easily tell whether your tires need inflating. It features programmable... Read More

USB Digital Microscope

This Digital USB Microscope is a cool gadget for all the biology and computer geeks. I always wanted to have a microscope at home. However a microscope is somewhat expensive and too fragile for me so I never had one. Nowadays you can get a... Read More

SMS & Email Pen - Digital Fountain Pen

D:Scribe is a digital fountain pen that allows users to send SMS and email messages from paper. Just write out the message and circle the person?s name to send. This does away with a keypad and allows you to focus on communicating in a more personal... Read More

SONY Cybershot Digital Camera DSC H5 - 7.2 Mega Pixels

Savor every moment with true-to-life sharpness and detail. Sony?s powerful DSC-H5 is the choice for those who want professional-quality prints in almost any environment. Get closer than ever with the Cyber-shot DSC-H5 digital camera from Sony. It... Read More

Sony Cybershot DSC-W200 12.1 Mega Pixels Digital Camera

12.1 MP Super HAD? CCD With more megapixels than most digital cameras, the DSC-W200 captures greater image definition so you can make big prints and tight crops without losing detail. The advanced Sony Super HAD? (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD... Read More

Popular Inventions - Quiz Questions & Answers

Which Italian inventor succeeded in transmitting wireless waves over long distances for the first time? Who set up the first English printing press? Galileo Galilee has two famous inventions to his credit. What are they? Four... Read More

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