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Nokia Supernova Mobile Phones - Nokia Supernova Handsets

Supernova is what Nokia has decided to call their upcoming range of mobile phones. The news has spread rapidly and the internet blogs are already with activity. The first models from this range are likely to be out in the third quarter of this year.

The term supernova automatically conjures up an image of something unique and spectacular ? something very different from what we are used to. Nokia will bring four models in the beginning which will be called with numbers like 7210, 7310, 7510 and 7610 that people can related with much easily. It turns out these are not going to be some kind of exotic overpriced exclusive phones for the wealthy. The costliest one of the four phones is said to be released at a price tag of just $334.

Nokia Supernova Series Mobile Phones

Nokia Supernova Features ? Nokia?s Upcoming Range of Mobile Phones

The features are a jump from the previous phones. Some of the features on the higher-end model one can expect are 3.2 mega pixels camera and TV-out connectivity. You still get the GPS maps and the options to upload media files directly to websites. So, it all comes down to fancy designs and cool names for color such as fatal red and bubble gum pink. They are phones for young men and women. Fashion and design is the core of the range and Nokia knows you want it! These can be yours very soon at some very decent prices.

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